A fundamental decision was made during the early days of Call-Em-All. That decision has affected almost every area of our business. From the over 15,000+ active clients we currently serve to the foundation of how our company interacts with the communities who use us.

Contrary to how the majority of our competitors work, we don’t force our users to agree to contracts before they can begin sending out their messages. In fact, we don’t have any contracts of any nature at all. Period.

Coming from Call-Em-All’s Customer Experience team, we’re asked the question on a daily basis: “What are your contract terms?” “Can you send me over the agreements I need to review and sign?” And every time, I have the privilege of providing the following answer:

We actually don’t have any contracts. You’re free to start using the platform as soon as you need us.

Most times, our clients are happy to see we’re easy to work with, but other times I’m asked why? Why does Call-Em-All not feel the need to require an agreement or at least guaranteed minimal usage?

We just want to be easy to work with.

Our team has immense trust in our product. We truly believe, deep down to our very core that once you try us out, you’ll come back again because we bring so much value. We trust that as long as Call-Em-All provides an excellent product experience coupled with out-of-this-world customer experience (Exhibit A: our 75+ average NPS score), our users will stay part of the Call-Em-All family for as long as they need us.

But what if the time comes when the user doesn’t need Call-Em-All anymore? Are you okay with any of your clients just walking out the door whenever they decide to?

You should fire us if we suck.

Yes. We are more than okay with this. In fact, we implore our customers who want to move their mass texting and calling operations to go try other vendors. They are not just revenue to us. They are humans we want to help. When they go try others, two things can happen. Either they’ll discover just how well Call-Em-All compares to our competition or they’ll find the perfect experience that maybe our services weren’t geared towards.

We strive to treat everyone we serve with respect, and if that means giving our client base the means to test the waters from time to time or even leave us for another vendor, well, that was an easy decision to make in 2005 and it’s been an easy decision to make every day since then.

It is important to note that customers must agree to not sending out sales and/or political spam messages, but no user is ever bound to using Call-Em-All contractually.

So go ahead, try out Call-Em-All without any agreement locking you in. We trust that you’ll either love what you find or at the very least walk away knowing Call-Em-All has your best interest at heart and are prepared to demonstrate that fact every single way we can.