A fundamental decision was made during the early days of Call-Em-All that affected almost every aspect of our business. Contrary to our competitors, we decided that we didn't want to force our customers to agree to a contract before they could utilize our services. In fact, we don't have any contracts of any nature. Period.

Every day, our Account Management and Customer Service team is asked the same question regarding pricing, "What are your contract terms and can you send me over the agreement to sign"? And every time, we are excited to let them know that we don't have any contracts and that they are free to start using the platform as soon as they need us.

Most of the time, our clients are happy to see we’re easy to work with, but other times they are curious and ask why we do not feel the need to require an agreement or at least guaranteed minimal usage? The answer is simple:

We want to be easy to work with, and we trust in our product. 

Our team truly believes, deep down to our very core that once you try us out, you’ll come back time and time again because our product has so much value. We trust that as long as Call-Em-All provides an excellent product experience combined with out-of-this-world customer experience, our customers will stay part of the Call-Em-All family for as long as they need us.

But, what if the time comes when a customer no longer needs Call-Em-All's services? Will we be okay with a customer just walking out the door whenever they decide? Yes. We are more than okay with this.

In fact, we implore our customers who want to move their mass texting and calling operations to try other companies. Why? Because we do not just view them as revenue. They are humans that need a solution for communicating, and we want to help. It's the compassion and empathy in us that make us want to make a positive impact.

We strive to treat everyone we serve with respect, and if that means giving our client base the means to test the waters from time to time or even leave us for another company, well, that was an easy decision to make in 2005 and it’s been an easy decision to make every day since then.

So go ahead and give Call-Em-All a try without any agreement locking you in. We trust that you’ll either love what you find or at the very least walk away knowing Call-Em-All has your best interest at heart and are prepared to demonstrate that fact every single way we can.

**It is important to note that customers must agree to not sending out marketing and/or political spam messages, but no user is ever bound to using Call-Em-All contractually**

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