“How likely is it that you would recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague?”

I bet you’ve seen this question before. If not from us, another company has probably sent this question in an email.

That’s because it serves as a gauge for customer satisfaction across all industries. This question and the accompanying rating system are called Net Promoter Score (NPS).

NPS is a way Call-Em-All can directly interact with our users and build relationships that foster a better business and a better product. Depending on the score given (0-10), responders are automatically sorted into 3 groups: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. This sorting process helps us because we can focus on individuals with less than perfect experiences and attempt to fix their issues almost immediately while we can try to sway passives into the promoters group by tailoring their experience better.

nps process (3)


We care about good customer service, so our NPS is very important to us. The score is present in our daily workplace environment: it’s on multiple dashboards and we constantly track it and discuss the number in both the customer service sector and the computer engineering sector. This number is a big deal to Call-Em-All. The survey helps us determine why respondents feel the way they do because when answering the question, recipients have the option to add comments. This constructive criticism is helpful as it can lead to improvements in our service.When the customer answers this one-question-long survey, that response is considered direct feedback to us and we read every single comment and concern. From there, we attempt to fix problems and address comments as they come in. That is the core of Call-Em-All customer relations: constructive criticism fuels better business.

In order to see if our customer conversations and product improvements are making a difference, responders can receive the survey a second time after six months. This allows the consumer to give us better feedback and maintain a constant stream of contact. As time goes on, we can track both changes in customers’ opinions and if people are experiencing similar issues. This will help us target and change any dysfunctional parts of our business model.

A company with a score above 50 is said to be a successful organization with satisfied customers. As of July 13th, 2015, Call-Em-All has an NPS of 77. Apple has an NPS of 47 and USAA has an 81. This shows us that our customers find both our service and support as positive.

The NPS is a fantastic tool for both consumers and producers. At Call-Em-All, we use the NPS to communicate better with our customers and give them a voice in order to make our service even better. Whether a customer has had nothing but a good experience or a customer has a whole list of complaints, their voices are heard. Constructive criticism is a needed part of having a successful business. And as a Call-Em-All customer, we support your opinion and are here to make the experience as fantastic as we can.