Why SMU's Emergency Notification System Failed

Jackie Mwesigwa by Jackie Mwesigwa

This week, Southern Methodist University experienced a campus wide power outage. Dorms, dinning halls, and classroom buildings were all closed. You can imagine the student's frustration when, on top of being told to evacuate, the university's call and text system didn't work. Turns out their broadcasting system relied on a local source of power, as well. SMU relied on Twitter to release updates, but Twitter status updates only go so far in this situation. Now they are dealing with the fallout of angry parents and students who are blaming the university for creating additional anxiety during a crisis.

Emergency notifications are serious business, which is why Call-Em-All is web-based. Our service can be accessed via computer, smartphone, or launched by phone - we’re the perfect solution for making sure your school won’t suffer communication disruption during a crucial time. 

5 Ways WE Help Universities & Schools
  1. Emergency Notifications - Safety is always a concern from hurricanes to power-outages, you can quickly keep students, staff, and parents in the loop with our easy to use service.

  2. Schedule Changes - School staff can be reached quickly so you can easily resolve schedule conflicts.

  3. School Closings - Quickly get the word out when holidays, weather, or an emergency forces a closure.

  4. Attendance - Identify your list of contacts and notify them all at once when students are missing.

  5. Financial Aid Reminders - Message groups of students about deadlines, payment reminders, or other important info.

If you need mass texting or automated calling services, Call-Em-All is here to help. We make it easy to get started with our no hassle service,  simple pricing, and outstanding customer experience.


If you have questions about getting started with our service or how you can apply one of the ideas above to your account - email us at info@call-em-all.com or call us at 877-226-3080.

About Call-Em-All

Call-Em-All's mass texting service, voice broadcasting, and text conversations help organizations deliver important messages quickly and maintain better engagement with contacts.

Since 2005, we've delivered more than 1.2 billion voice calls and text messages for companies in healthcare, education, staffing & human resources, property management, utility, non-profits, and religious groups.

We're different because of our culture. We believe it's our biggest competitive advantage. We're passionate about creating positive experiences for our customers, and ensuring that our platform isn't being used to spam marketing or political messages.

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