The Call-Em-All difference

In an industry people love to hate, we decided to be different. Making customers and employees happy is our strategic plan, and our culture is our competitive advantage.

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The Call-Em-All difference

The Call-Em-All Manifesto

The Call-Em-All Manifesto The Call-Em-All Manifesto

“Our values and manifesto aren't just talk; they guide everything we do and the decisions we make. As a result, we sleep better at night, love what we do, and have a great product.”

Brad Herrmann
President & Co-founder of Call-Em-All

Responsible use policy

Mass texting and calling has the power to make a huge impact.     We want to make sure that impact is a positive one.

Call-Em-All is for sending messages recipients actually want to receive, like community alerts and network updates. We respectfully decline to work with any organization that plans to use Call-Em-All to send political, sales, promotional, and/or charitable contribution messages, or to contact users who did not give permission to be contacted.

In addition, Call-Em-All recommends our customers follow messaging best practices. That means:
  • Identifying yourself or your organization in your messages
  • Being courteous about the times when you’re sending messages, particularly when sending messages across time zones
  • Responding to contacts when they reply to your messages   
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