This staffing agency finds voice broadcasting faster and more effective than e-mail.

Pro Staff Overview

Pro Staff is a leading staffing agency with offices throughout the United States. They have been helping connect organizations and people for nearly 30 years with a goal of giving businesses and talent the flexibility and freedom to work the way they choose by offering long-term project, short-term temporary, contract, and direct-hire work options.

The Challenge

Tasked with providing companies experienced people that are ready to work on a moment’s notice, Pro Staff needed a more efficient way to communicate with job seekers and make them aware of employment opportunities. “Although e-mail allowed us to send notifications quickly and easily,” said Tricia Davis-Vogel, field marketing coordinator for Pro Staff, “the e-mail response rate from job seekers is often slow and inconsistent.” Rather than relying solely on e-mail, Pro Staff wanted to supplement their efforts with a more immediate form of communication.

How Call-Em-All Helped

The job seeker learns about opportunities more quickly and that helps us fill positions faster – everyone wins! Our talent-base has been extremely receptive to the calls, and the time savings on our end have been astronomical.
Tricia Davis-Vogel
Marketing Coordinator

To streamline the placement process, Pro Staff selected Call-Em-All’s voice messaging platform to send information about employment opportunities to hundreds of job seekers every day. “Often times, organizations request additional help with little or no warning,” said Davis-Vogel. “Call-Em-All helps us reach out to job seekers immediately because it takes less than five minutes to record a message.”

On average, each voice message is sent to 300 job seekers. Of those, Pro Staff can expect to receive an average of 100 call-backs from job seekers that would like to accept the opportunity or are interested in more information. “Our talent-base has been extremely receptive to the calls,” said Davis-Vogel. “And the time savings on our end have been astronomical.”

More Benefits of Automated Messaging

Another benefit of Call-Em-All is that after job seekers receive a voice message, they can instantly call Pro Staff back for more information—no matter where they are. “Job seekers don’t just wait by their computer for updates and opportunities so it can take them hours or even days to see our e-mails,” said Davis-Vogel. “So being able to reach them on the phone when they’re on the go is a huge plus.”

Furthermore, Call-Em-All enables Pro Staff to easily track who picks up each message. This allows Pro Staff to know exactly who is receiving the calls, which calls go to voicemail, and which job seekers have inactive phone numbers. Using this information, Pro Staff is able to adjust its future communication strategies to reach job seekers more effectively. “It’s great to pull a report and see what the best way is to reach someone for an opportunity,” said Davis-Vogel. “The job seeker learns about opportunities more quickly and that helps us fill positions faster – everyone wins!”

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