SMS & MMS Text Messaging:

It's no surprise that the trend towards texting is exploding and is continuing to be an increasingly powerful tool for companies to connect with their contacts instantly. Researchers anticipate that business text messaging and mobile usage is a force that's here to stay and not just a trend that will pass by. In fact, the next generation of text messaging is already upon us; it's called MMS messaging. But what's the difference?

What is SMS Messaging?

SMS is an acronym for "Short Message Service" and is the oldest, most widespread, and frequently used texting technology that is supported by every single mobile network and device today. In the U.S. alone, over 6 billion SMS messages are sent daily. These messages are limited to 160 alphanumeric characters per message (That's just a fancy word for both letters and numbers).

What is MMS Messaging?

MMS is an acronym for "Multimedia Message Service" and is most popularly used to send pictures or images. In the U.S. alone, annual MMS traffic has increased from 57 billion to 96 billion messages. Unlike SMS, MMS messages do not have a standard length.

Call-Em-All customers can send a .PNG or .JPG/.JPEG file up to 5 MB. This new feature is available in both "Create Broadcast" and in "Conversations." Common use cases include:

  • Upcoming Event Posters
  • Food Menus
  • Maps w/ Directions
  • Company Logos
  • Event Recap Pictures
  • Screenshots of PDF's

*We DO NOT allow sales, marketing, political, or promotional material. Explicit imagery is NEVER tolerated (nudity, partial nudity, swimwear, cursing, etc.). Responsible Use Policy.

SMS vs. MMS: Which is right for you?

When deciding between SMS versus MMS, pinpoint your messaging goals and objectives. Are you interested in sending text-only or visual messages? Do your contacts engage and respond better with simple text messages or colorful imagery? Does the character count limit your content and communication goals? These are all things to consider when choosing between SMS and MMS messaging.

What is Call-Em_All's pricing?

You might be wondering, "Why does MMS cost more"? Simply put, it involves the transmission of more data. But, we can guarantee that MMS is much more engaging to contacts than plain text wording.

Pay-As You-Go:

  • All outbound SMS messages are 1 credit (One 160 character text)
  • All outbound MMS messages are 2 credits
  • Inbound messages are always free!

Monthly: All SMS and MMS messages are included in the monthly plan!