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Great reasons to use Call-Em-All

You might be looking to solve a specific problem with Call-Em-All, but you'll find there are many benefits and creative ways to use our service.


Text messaging gets results

The average person responds to a text in less than 40 seconds, but 47% of households still have landlines. Call or text, we've got you covered.

Automated Texting Service

Call or text contact groups of any size

Whether you need to reach ten or ten thousand, you'll find our easy to use automated messaging service gets the job done quickly and reliably.

Automated Calling System

Deliver urgent messages quickly

Use Call-Em-All to deliver emergency notifications and important reminders for events, payments, timesheets, and appointments.

Emergency Notifications

Three Powerful Messaging Tools In One


Record & Deliver Voice Messages

Add a personal touch to your important messages. Voice Broadcasting delivers a pre-recorded message to small or large contact groups. 

  • 47% of homes still have landlines

  • View detailed broadcast results

  • Store recordings in your message library

  • Let contacts connect live with a single key press
  • Customize caller id

  • Schedule messages for future delivery

  • Collect survey responses

  • Adjust call speed so calls don't come in too fast
voice-broadcasting-blueSee more voice broadcasting features

Text Large Contact Groups

Send a single message to a large group of contacts. Mass Texting is the fastest way to deliver urgent messages and ensure your messages get read.

  • 95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes

  • Enable texting on your landline/business number

  • Send to any size group

  • Manage replies as conversations
  • Identify mobile, landline, and invalid phone numbers

  • MMS, personalization, and text templates

  • Schedule messages in advance

  • Easily import contact records
mass-texting-smSee our mass texting features

Manage Text Replies Online

Whether you need to reach one contact, or a large group, texting leads to conversations. Text Conversations allows you to manage replies, send individual messages, and view message history online.

  • View message history

  • Send individual text messages

  • Add texting to an existing business number

  • Keep business texting off personal phones
  • Access for multiple users

  • Use any computer, tablet, or phone to send messages

  • Add-on lets you reach small groups & have unlimited text conversations
text-conversationsSee our text conversations product

Some Happy Customers

You're in good company. Join more than 12,000 groups, businesses, and organizations saving time and money. Here are some familiar faces!


The Call-Em-All Advantage

We think it's important that you know who you're working with. Call-Em-All has 25 employees, is privately owned, was founded in 2005 and is based in Frisco, TX.

We're a little bit different than most companies you probably do business with and that has a lot to do with our culture. We're equally passionate about our product and creating meaningful experiences for customers.

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