Even though we see and hear REALLY cool messages all the time, having celebrities use our service (Tony Parker, Snoop Dogg, Payton Manning, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Stewart, Hillary Duff, Reggie Bush, and many more) never gets old! Recently “Glee’s” Lea Michele and “The Biggest Loser’s” Bob Harper, teamed up with AIDS Walk and used the power of voice to raise awareness and help organizers coordinate more than 30,000 volunteers and participants for the 26th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles on October 17. Listen to the messages below:

Bob Harper - "Biggest Loser" Bob Harper

Lea Michele - "Glee" Lea Michelle


AIDS Walk has been a great customer of ours for years.  So this year we decided to donate our voice broadcasting service to help them raise awareness and communicate with their participants and volunteers to ensure a successful event. Here is the "official" press release.

Since 1985, AIDS Walk Los Angeles has raised more than $66 million for HIV programs and services throughout Los Angeles County, and has grown into one of the largest AIDS fundraising events in the country. In 2009 alone, 30,000 participants, many of whom were members of 1,600 corporate and community teams, raised $3 million for AIDS Project Los Angeles and over a dozen other AIDS service organizations. For more information, visit aidswalk.net.

Update - the event was a success and raised 2.8 million for AIDS Project Los Angeles and 21 other groups.