It’s not unusual here at Call-Em-All to see one of our customers submit a testimonial. We see them quite often and generally people are raving how our automated phone tree helped them reach members of their church, or notify their sports teams, school closing announcements and even assist small business owners in their marketing efforts. Whether it’s a birth announcement, funeral, wedding engagement or family reunion, we frequently hear that Call-Em-All helped them in their personal lives. Below a customer shares a touching story and how Call-Em-All helped.

“I am such a fan of Call-Em-All. I received my first call in 2006 when a friend had a baby. When her husband was able to make one phone call to everyone, I thought-wow, that is cool and asked my friend about it. She told me about the website and I bought 100 units just to try it. At the time, I was going to doctors visits with another friend of mine that had been diagnosed with breast cancer and I created a preliminary list of mutual friends that would want updates on her journey. Then, just a few months later, I was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer myself at age 33. I have no family history and had no pain or symptoms, so it came as a complete shock and surprise. I wanted to tell my friends and family about it but it took such an emotional toll to keep repeating the story over and over. I immediately thought of Call-Em-All. I made one phone call and everyone I cared about was told about the diagnosis. What a huge relief to be able to let many people know from one conversation!

I started chemotherapy and my support group grew. Then the breast cancer metastasized to my brain and I had two brain tumors pop up, which was very scary. The doctors were able to perform an OUT PATIENT brain radiation procedure that was 100% successful. Making that call to my list was awesome. I got to let everyone know the procedure was minimal and a huge success in one phone call. I cannot express how much Call-Em-All has meant to me in the cancer journey. I’m happy to report that I have been doing chemotherapy for two years now and the cancer is shrinking everywhere. I am a walking miracle and I can’t wait to call my broadcast list on my 2nd “Cancer”-Versary (as I call it) to let them know how well the treatment is working and how much I appreciate their love and support. I would not be doing so well through treatment if my friends and family weren’t supporting me. This way I can make sure no one is missed when I make that call of gratitude. Thank you Call-Em-All!”

For more information regarding breast cancer awareness and to learn how you can help please visit the Susan G. Komen site for more details.