This year we decided to break our Christmas party into two separate events so we could host the most people. If you go to our Facebook Page, you will see our office decorated with friends and family celebrating together.

We first gathered our families for a dinner celebration. Between drinks, entrees, and friends, it was a grand ol’ time. The night consisted of talking about the past year, plans for the holidays, and watching the little ones play. We had the opportunity to meet our co-workers spouses and finally put faces to names. Go check out our Facebook page so you can put a face to our names as well!

A few days later we had a tacky Christmas sweater party and wrapped presents for a local nursing home. Donating time and gifts has been a holiday tradition at Call-Em-All for the past four years. Pat, our Customer Service Manager, diligently worked on this project for more than a month. She went shopping and got every resident a specific item on his/her Christmas list and put all their gifts into boxes. Between laughing and wrapping presents, and not to forget the desserts and food, everyone had a good time. We will deliver the presents next week and we can’t wait to see the looks on their faces!

This past year, we hired three new employees and rolled out many new projects. On a customer service perspective, we've added the chat feature and have more people to answer the phones and emails so we can get back to you quickly. We also changed our pricing for texting to half a credit, and created the Website Widget so your members can receive an invitation to opt-in to your keyword online. Not only that, but we created an Audio Library and created the ability to Edit Broadcasts after you’ve started them.

You might notice that we do get the in spirit around here as well. From Santa hats on chairs, to lights around cubes, or even a Christmas tree made of lights, we enjoy decorating and being festive during this holiday season.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas.