We don't get many complaints about our call service, but we did feel like it was time to update the visual design of our customer portal. Starting today, you'll notice some changes.

Rest assured, the changes we are releasing today are only basic design and styling changes. These improvements will make it easier on the eyes as you navigate the portal. More importantly, these changes are a stepping stone to a bigger redesign of the entire customer application that will be released in the coming months.

Let's start by recapping what has changed and then we'll give you a glimpse into what is on the way.

Here is what the previous customer portal looked like.



Definitely some outdated fonts and visual elements, plus really heavy navigation and a lot of extra links.

Here is what the updated version looks like.


Essentially, we've updated the navigation and improved the fonts and spacing.

The future of the customer portal will look something more like the below image. This design will take advantage of our work on Material-UI and will be a complete redesign.


We take product improvements very seriously and want you to know that we'll be sure to notify you of future changes. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to provide feedback - be sure to let us know!