Attention all staffing teams in search of a better way of texting your candidates! The new Call-Em-All/ Ultra-Staff EDGE integration is here to help.

With Call-Em-All’s dedication to making candidate messaging easier, it only makes sense that a complete texting integration has been built with Ultra-Staff EDGE, a completely integrated front office, back office, web suite, and mobile application. All of which comes with their trademark customizable and accessible interface.With this integration, users of Ultra-Staff EDGE will now have access to Call-Em-All’s text conversations and mass texting all from within the UltraStaff Edge system.

There’s even more. All communications sent out through the integration will be automatically logged for the user in Ultra-Staff EDGE. No more manually logging who contacted who and what was said.

With this, the stage is set for Ultra-Staff EDGE users to have true mass text messaging and comprehensive 2-way text conversations to help them build better relationships and fill jobs quicker, not to mention completely remove the manual work of tracking the content of these messages.

Call-Em-All has been helping organizations deliver messages for more than 13 years. If you want simple, affordable, and effective, then visit our website to try out our services for free.