We at Call-Em-All work hard to try to keep things simple.  Sounds easy enough - who doesn't like simple, right? But how do you do simple when it comes to legal documents like our Terms of Use? All that legal terminology is definitely NOT simple. That didn't sit well with us so we decided to try something different - and our attorneys actually went along with it!

Our idea was simple: we'd like to translate the fancy legal terms into plain English and put it right next to the official legal terms. (Disclosure: We saw this concept somewhere else and loved it, but we can't remember where). Of course, we didn't intend to replace the official legal document but we wanted people to know what it was saying and why it was there. Our attorneys agreed to this idea but then they got nosy and told us that our Privacy Policy was outdated and not very thorough. So, we naturally agreed to change the Privacy Policy but wanted to put it in plain English too.

Terms of Use - What changed?

Our Terms of Use actually changed very little. The biggest change was that we added the plain English version on the right side of the page. Now, you can get a quick idea of what you're agreeing to without wading through all the annoying legal text.

Privacy Policy - What changed?

In the words of our attorneys, our new Privacy Policy is "more robust and comprehensive." I agree, but it also has a lot more legalese. Unfortunately, the Privacy Policy doesn't lend itself to simple plain-English translations like the Terms of Use does. So, I wrote a letter that explains our approach to privacy in plain English. I hope this effectively conveys our commitment to data privacy.