Just like you, the events of this week had us glued to the screen. Starting with the horrible events at the Boston Marathon and then closer to home in West, TX. Each on their own are unimaginable, but so close together is like a one-two punch of emotions. Our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones affected.

We've had comments thrown our way about how we shouldn't be in business anymore, but we feel we've always tried to stand up and do what is right. From participation in the FTC RoboCall Summit to speaking openly about controlling illegal robo calls, it is in time where unfortunate events make mass communication imperative to people's safety that we know we are standing tall and proud of what we do.

Today our support team was up at 5 am handling support requests for those in Boston needing help getting their messages out. The map below represents calls which started just before the initial reports of the tragic shooting at the MIT campus last night through 5pm CST today. As you can see, we made many calls throughout the Boston area keeping people informed on the tense situation unfolding. While we’re thankful events like this aren’t an everyday occurrence, it’s nice to be able to show that the automated calling industry isn’t the villain so many think it is.