“With great power comes great responsibility.” Nobody on the Call-Em-All team ever thought Uncle Ben’s words to Peter Parker would apply to our work, but SURPRISE! That’s the exact mindset that comes with leading the industry charge for automated text messaging.

The great power: being the first company to offer mass texting for business combined with robust 2-way conversational texting.

The responsibility: showing you, the user, the benefits of both and when to use them.


Text Broadcasts – to the masses we go!

Starting with the familiar text broadcasts. A text broadcast is a text message that’s sent to more than one person. This is the perfect fit if you’re someone like a commercial staffing firm or a school. You’re someone who has vital information that needs to be sent quickly to the masses.

Bottom line is you need an effective, quick, and efficient way to send a message to multiple people.

Text Conversations – to that one person in particular

ttext conversationsYou’ll utilize text conversations if you’re sending a text message directly to one contact. We see a lot of professional staffing teams (IT, legal, etc.) using us for one-on-one associate communications, a company when needing to speak to internal employees, or even healthcare teams communicating directly with their patients.

Added bonus: let’s say you send out a text broadcast to a group of people and some of those people respond back with questions for you. With text conversations, you not only are able to see their responses but you’ll also be able to reply directly to that person, turning your mass text broadcast to a 2-way text conversation right within your account.

The bottom line for text conversations is that you use text conversations when you need a documented, seamless way of engaging with a contact one on one through text, either after they’ve replied to a mass broadcast you sent them or when you need to contact that person specifically.

Call-Em-All Meet Text-Em-All

As you can see, there are specific use cases for both text broadcasts and conversations. Sometimes you’ll only need to use one, other times you’ll employ both. The systems are designed to either work hand in hand or separately depending on the need of the user. Either way, you’ll be working with the same user friendly, efficient functionality that Call-Em-All has become synonymous with now within the realm of texting.

Group Texting from Call-Em-All

Contact our Customer Experience team with any questions on how or, better yet, your feedback once you’ve been able to take ‘em for a spin!